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Are you wondering about a suitable cooling and heating solution for your new home or commercial property? There’s something more modern, more stylish, and safer than those noisy window air conditioning units that proliferated the 1990s—ductless heating and cooling in Charlestown, IN.

Does the prospect of drilling and retrofitting the walls of your new home terrify you? All you need to do is call in our professionals for a ductless heating and cooling service. At BJ Heating & Cooling, we help residential and commercial clients stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with top-of-the-line ductless heating and cooling solutions.

Our team has over 40 years of experience in ductless air conditioner installation and maintenance, and we’re ready to take your call.

Expert Ductless Heating and Cooling Technicians in Charlestown, IN

New York or Seattle might require you to pay thousands of dollars to install an HVAC system in a small apartment or condominium. Charlestown takes a friendlier approach to climate control, with most of its middle-to-upper-class homeowners in two and three-story homes with multiple bedrooms.

If you have a multi-bedroom home, climate control is imperative. At BJ Heating & Cooling, our technicians are adept at all types of HVAC installations, including ductless heating and cooling in Charlestown, IN.

We install a range of options, including:

• traditional systems with ducts and outlets for large homes,
• mini-split systems for commercial and residential applications, and
• window-type units to cool studio apartments and single bedrooms.

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair in Charlestown, IN

Charlestown’s weather is generally sunny, with warm light peeking through the rich local greenery 193 days per year. The city does not experience bitter winters (it only gets about 11 inches of snow per year), less than half of the US national average of 28 inches. Even though Charlestown and Clark County don’t experience extreme weather regularly, air conditioning and heating are still a requirement to live here in comfort.

Our technicians work on a flexible work schedule so that we can serve you around the clock. Our professionals will diagnose whatever problems you have with your air conditioning unit, recommending the most effective course of action, and billing you fairly.

BJ Heating & Cooling has extensive experience in installing and servicing all types of air conditioning, and we know every detail of the new ductless models.

Ductless vs. Traditional Air Conditioning

You can find traditional air conditioning units in nearly all commercial establishments in the United States. You will see these mechanisms in malls, offices, and factory floors, ventilating large areas through wall ducts and ceiling outlets.

When you compare traditional central air conditioning to a ductless system, the former is more difficult to install and maintain. Mold, dust, pollen, and other irritants naturally collect on the extensive ductwork system. It is normal to need one of our technicians to clean it at least once a year, especially if someone in your family has sensitivities to these contaminants.

Installing a traditional unit takes about one or two weeks and entails a lot of zoning, drilling, and remodeling work. It is inconvenient, and a hassle for the property owner. Modern ductless systems are a far better solution.

What are Mini-split or Ductless Air Conditioning Units?

Mini-split systems are multiple split-type air conditioning units that spread throughout your home. You can control these cooling units through a central remote or choose to separate them. Unlike with a traditional central air conditioning system, our technicians won’t have to drill holes or remodel parts of your home to cool or heat your rooms.

Ductless air installations are painless and efficient, and we install one on a two-story multi-bedroom home in one to two working days. You can use your new ductless system to cool and heat your home with minimal impact on aesthetics and color palette.

Among the air conditioning options on the market, a ductless system is the most flexible, concealable, and non-intrusive. Feel free to call our professionals if you would like to know more about ductless heating and cooling in Charlestown, IN.

Ductless vs. Window-type Air Conditioners

Window-type air conditioners are the oldest cooling solution in American homes. Compared to a ductless setup, it consumes more power, operates noisily, and poses a more significant risk to safety and security. Anyone can walk up to a window-type air-conditioner, kick it, and gain access to an entire home or business.

As far as air conditioning solutions go, ductless systems are superior.

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If you’re need reliable ductless heating and cooling in Charlestown, IN, our service crew is an excellent choice. Call BJ Heating & Cooling today at 812-283-7221.

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